I believe in digitally altering and transforming my photographs as I wish.

I am not interested in representing the data the camera captures, or in rendering files as authentic, “as-shot” data. Using this approach allows me to work as a painter might, exploring colors, forms, and textures.

Although photographic filter pre-sets have become popular in today’s social media world, my interpretations are instead produced using experimentation, tweaking, guessing, hoping, failing and succeeding.

Working both from photos that are National Geographic quality (I have worked as a professional travel photographer), and uncontrolled, imperfect street-photography images, I use my digital bag of tricks to produce an image that I like. The final results must yield an image of integrity when displayed in a large format, with compelling details and without revealing artifacts created by my process.

As a commercial photographer I was trained to produce a precisely-exposed, well-composed photograph. As a fine artist, I am able to leave rules and expectations behind. Besides using a variety of tools that are digitally based, I also explore how to render the results using alternative printing technologies and transfer materials.

I would like the viewer to approach my work as art, not judging my work as photography. The traditional evaluations of shadow detail, blown highlights, and focus have no role in the final image I present. A reviewer told me that my work appears dreamy and ambiguous, and is more about capturing a particular feeling and less about reporting of a place or of a person.

In addition to travel images, I am also exploring portraiture and nature.

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